My research can be grouped into two areas:

  1. improvement and development of quantitative methods in ecology
  2. empirical and theoretical research in movement and community ecology (and their intersection).

My methodological work, of course, doesn't stand on its own. It arises from needs and challenges of my ecological work or that of others, such as needs for new data analysis or modelling tools. Ultimately, this aims at improving our understanding and predictions of ecologicaly systems.

Quantitative methods in ecology


Fine-scale interactions between individuals


Temporal resolution of movement data


Detecting cognition and memory in movement

Movement & community ecology


Species interactions: from individual to population level


Movement-mediated community assembly and coexistence


Memory-based movement strategies

Projects overview


Movement upscaled: From behavioural responses to population dynamics of interacting animal species.

PI: Ulrike Schl├Ągel

Funding: DFG Emmy Noether Programme (German Research Foundation)

Check out our poster about the project.


Integrating biodiversity research with movement ecology in dynamic agricultural landscapes

Spokesperson: Florian Jeltsch (UP)

Funding: DFG Research Training Group (GRK)

PhD research (Ulrike)

Models on the move: Memory and temporal discretization in animal movement

Supervisor: Mark Lewis (U Alberta)

Funding: iCORE (now part of Alberta Innovates - Technology Futures); PIMS (Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences)