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Ulrike Schlägel

I am a mathematician turned ecologist. I obtained a Diplom (former German equivalent to MSc) in Mathematics from Bielefeld University, Germany, and did my PhD at the University of Alberta, Canada, on mathematical/statistical methodology of animal movement modelling and data analysis. I am driven by ecological questions, but on the way to answering these I get as much excited by methodological challenges.

For a rough outline of my academic life, see here.
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Jennifer Pohle, Postdoc

Jennifer is a statistician with a special interest in ecological applications. She obtained her Master’s degree (MSc) in Statistical Science from Bielefeld University, where she subsequently worked as a PhD student and gained experience in the analysis of animal movement data. Her PhD thesis focussed on state architectures in hidden Markov models and inferring information about the underlying latent states. As a postdoc Jennifer is now searching for methods to study fine-scale interactions between individuals.
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Rafael Arce, PhD candidate

Statistician discovering the world of ecology. Rafael holds a bachelor’s in mathematics and economics (double degree bachelor) and a master’s degree in applied statistics, both from the University of Göttingen. His research focuses mainly on spatial and
spatiotemporal models applied to high frequency animal movement data. Rafael is also interested in Bayesian statistical methods like INLA and MCMC.
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Pia Stein, Research assistant

Pia works on space use and behavioural niches in a small-rodent community, in particular habitat selection and space-use of species in response to conspecifics and heterospecifics.
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Christian Drews, MSc student

Thesis topic:
Space use and movement patterns of corn buntings (Emberiza calandra) in an agricultural landscape in Northeast Germany
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Jan Pufelski, IT admin & technician

Jan is our honorary lab member. Working as IT admin and technician for the Plant Ecology and Nature Conservation group led by Prof. Florian Jeltsch, he also helps us with his expertise. Jan is particularly involved in running the ATLAS telemetry system that we use for our empirical research.

Former students

Pia Stein, M.Sc.

Thesis: Space use and behavioural niches in a small rodent community (2021).

Milena Müller, M.Sc.

Thesis: "Land use of two ecologically similar open habitat passerine species in the Northwest Uckermark" (2021).

Pauline Holz, M.Sc.

Thesis: "Identification of priority conservation areas for the Persian leopard (Panthera pardus saxicolor) and prey species in the Lesser Caucasus" (2021). Co-supervised with Dr. Arash Ghoddousi, HU Berlin.

Christoph Lobas, M.Sc.

Thesis: "Spatial coexistence through a trade-off in foraging movement strategies: the role of landscape properties" (2019).
Chris is now a PhD student in the Orycs project at the University of Potsdam.